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Volunteering and Community Groups

The spirit of volunteerism is very strong in Israel and Haifa has branches of every major organization:
Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization 
WIZO – Women's International Zionist Organization 
Emunah National Religious Women's Organization 

All three of the above have English-speaking groups in Haifa which meet regularly and participate in national activities.  (Click the "English" button on their website)

The following organizations  have Haifa branches and most have some English meetings as well as many English speakers among their members.  

All the leading Israeli volunteer and public service organizations have major Haifa branches and, although they do not for the most part have English speaking groups, it is often possible to volunteer in a Hebrew-speaking setting.  Newcomers are welcome and people will frequently be ready to converse with you in English.

Other organizations very popular with English-speaking olim include Yad Sarah, the Soldier's Welfare Committee, and, naturally, the Olim Associations, links to which can be found at the end of the first section, Aliyah and Klita, under Links for Olim Services.

A partial list in English of Israeli volunteer organizations can be found at the Israel Volunteer site.