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Learning Hebrew - Ulpanim

The ulpanim for learning Hebrew are sponsored by the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption; the teachers are employed by  the Ministry of Education. The ulpanim give the newcomer the opportunity to learn the language and thus help to provide a bridge for functioning within the new society.  It is important to register for an ulpan as soon as possible after obtaining oleh status.

The ulpanim are free of charge for new olim. Before you can register for a free ulpan course, you must obtain a voucher from Misrad Haklita. Haifa provides many classes with different levels, and a new class opens every month.

The Haifa Municipal Authority for Aliya Absorption, in conjunction with the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, run the public ulpanim in Haifa:

Ulpan Aleph (beginners' basic ulpan) and Ulpan Bet (continuing classes)

There are three Ulpanim in Haifa:

1.      Ulpan Beit Erdshtein 20 Y.L. Peretz Street in the Hadar neighborhood, -  unique programs, new format, one of three  in the country.

Ulpan Aleph (beginner's Ulpan)

a.       Morning Ulpan for people age 60+:  Three times a week,   9 AM – 12:30 PM.  The Ulpan is 10 months long (for olim and tourists)

b.       Evening Ulpan for people ages 17-59:  Four days a week, 5 PM – 8:15 PM. The Ulpan is  7 months.long.

Cost: Olim up to 10 years in Israel, who have not taken Ulpan yet – free with referral from Ministry of Absorption. Tourists: please contact Marina.

After Ulpan Aleph you may continue to higher levels of Ulpan (Aleph +, Bet or Gimel). Morning Ulpan: twice a week, and evening Ulpan twice a week lasts five months, starting a few times throughout the year.

2.      Ulpan Abba Hushi 131 Hemeginim Street, Kiryat Eliezer: Ulpan Aleph (beginner's Ulpan)

a.       Morning Ulpan for ages 17-59: Five times a week   8:15 AM – 12:45 PM.  The Ulpan lasts five months.

Ulpan Aleph+, Bet, Gimel:

a.       Mornings four times a week

b.       Evenings twice a week

Cost: Olim up to 10 years in Israel, who have not taken Ulpan yet – free with referral from Ministry of Absorption.Tourist: please contact Lidia Telefax: 04-8567630

3.      Ulpan Etzion Carmel 65 Hanamal St. in downtown area. Unique, extraordinary Ulpan for young professionals, one of the leading Ulpanim in the country. Opens: mid-April/ beginning of May 2012 for external students (***internal students please check with your Shaliach). 8:30 am – 13:00 pm Sundays – Thursdays. Details below.

For more information regarding Ulpan Etzion only;,                                                        

Each Oleh can get five months Ulpan for free; an Oleh that arrives with previous knowledge of Hebrew can integrate into higher level classes that are available. Olim who finish the first Ulpan and would like to continue to an advanced level might be charge some minimal fees.

For more information contact Marina at 04-9111-403 or 050-957-1771 (between 9 AM and 3 PM),

For olim and tourists

Haifa University International School Ulpan:
The Intensive Hebrew Winter / Summer ulpanim bring students from around the world to the University of Haifa to study Hebrew. The Ulpan is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in an intensive language acquisition experience that is personally enriching as well as academically demanding. Instruction is offered, for a fee, on all levels from beginning to advanced.

The International School of the University of Haifa will again be holding the Intensive Hebrew Winter Ulpan prior to the spring semester.  The dates for this winter's Ulpan are January 25 – February 18, 2010.  During the Intensive Winter Ulpan, classes meet Sundays through Thursdays for five hours each day (100 hours of class instruction).  Classes are offered at all levels, and students will take a placement exam to determine the appropriate level for them.

In addition, we will run our Semester Ulpan Program during the spring semester.  The semester Ulpan is less intensive, meeting four days a week for two hours each morning.  The spring semester Ulpan begins on February 22, 2010 and ends on June 3, 2010.

 Our admission staff will be pleased to answer any questions or requests and can be reached at or at +972 4 828 8729 (internal university phone: 8729).

For more detailed information, please also see our website at 

The Winter Ulpan: For the winter session, classes are held Sundays through Thursdays in the mornings for five academic hours per day. 

The Summer Ulpan is divided into two independent four-week sessions, each offering all levels of proficiency. Students may register for either or both sessions. Link (Pdf file) - Flyer for Summer Ulpan 2009

Semester Ulpan: Newcomers are also welcome to enroll in the semester ulpan of the International School on a part-time basis.  During the academic semesters (October – January and February – June) Hebrew classes meet four days a week- Mondays through Thursdays - for two hours each morning.  Instruction is offered on all levels - from beginners with no knowledge of the language to advanced classes

Ulpan Etzion in Haifa

a high–level academic live-in ulpan, overlooking the sea
This newly-established 5-month ulpan is geared towards:
* Single olim
* Ages 22-35
* University or college graduates or professionals

The ulpan is located on the Harbor Campus in Haifa. It provides high level Hebrew studies, which are essential for successful social and professional integration into Israeli society.

There are currently two Hebrew study levels.
Students are taught by qualified Ministry of Education teachers.
 There are two sessions per year, classes are held 5 times a week, 5 hours per day.
Special units on Jewish culture and Israeli society are integrated into the curriculum, enhancing both the learning experience, as well as cultural acclimation.

Services & Culture
Ulpan Etzion in Haifa offers a rich cultural program, lectures,
parties, hikes, trips and other extra-curricular activities.
Participants are housed in 4-roomed apartments, each with their own room, on the Port Campus (Campus HaNamal).
The apartments are in a newly renovated building, with a view of the sea. The rooms are furnished and include: a microwave, fridge, toaster oven and a cooking range. Participants must bring their own towels and bedding.
One meal a day -lunch- is provided.

Subsidized cost of the program, including rent, services and studies is NIS 5,000 . Each student pays a NIS 300 deposit, which is refundable at the end of the program, provided all the conditions have been met.

Application and Registration:
 • Registration to the program is via the Aliyah office abroad, at least
   three months in advance, or through our website Contact Form                                        

For more details, please check with your Aliyah representative

or contact the Global Center  toll-free:
U.S.A.              1-866-835-0430                Canada            1-866-421-8912
Great Britain     0-800-404-8984                Australia          1-800-445-781
South Africa      0-800-996-886
Israel               1-800-228-055                 Email:

 For a good learning Hebrew resource site visit