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Tourist Attractions

Haifa's beautiful topography is itself a tourist attraction. Located between the Carmel mountain forests and the sea, almost every turn has a view of the sea and of green foliage. Haifa features many tourist attractions, including a UNESCO World Heritage site, museums, beautiful beaches and much more. Haifa is also a short drive from the Carmel forests, the Galilee and the Kinneret, some of Israel's most popular vacationing areas. In this section we will provide some information as to the main attractions in Haifa and links to sites which will supply more information. 

Baha'i Gardens
On the Northern slopes of the Carmel spilling down to the German Colony lies the magnificent Baha'i Gardens which have been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. In the center of the Garden lies the golden domed Temple of the Bab, the founder of the Baha'i faith, which is a pilgrimage site for Baha'is worldwide. It can also be visited by the public for free by booking a guided tour in advance Sunday through Thursday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at 04-8313131.

Haifa has a variety of museums dealing with history, art and other topics. Among these museums are:
• Shteklis Prehistoric Museum
• Hecht Museum – archeology and changing exhibits
• Mane Katz Museum – Art and Judaica
• Beit Dagon Museum – the story of grains throughout history
• Electric Company visitor center in the Haifa power plant
• Railway Museum
• Haifa Art Museum – one of the three largest in Israel
• Maritime Museum
• Tikotin Japanese Art Museum
• Madatech – the National Science, Technology and Space Museum
• Chagall Artists' House with changing exhibits
• Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum
• Haifa Municipal Museum – Haifa's history in a restored Templer building in the German Colony.

Haifa has some of the loveliest beaches in Israel along the Mediterranean Sea. In the south Dado and Zamir beaches are easily accessible and have lifeguards in season. There are the local bars and cafes along the beach-front where you can enjoy a snack or drink. Other beaches include the Bat Galim Surfers Beach – a world-renowned favorite spot for surfers. There is also a beach for the orthodox community with separate hours for men and women and beaches in Kiryat Haim.

Castra Mall
Castra (site in Hebrew) is an unusual mall. Located next to the Haifa Mall and the Convention Center it is a center for arts housing many art galleries and two museums:  an archeological museum and a doll museum. The latter contains more than 100 showcases depicting stories from the bible, Jewish festivals and the history of Israel. The building itself, with wonderful biblical-themed ceramic murals decorating the patio, is unique and worth a visit.

German Colony
The German Colony is located downtown and it is there the Templers started modern Haifa in the 19th century. The bottom of Ben Gurion Blvd. is close to the sea while the top meets with the lower part of the Baha'i gardens. Looking up from the German colony you are greeted by a breathtaking view of the Baha'i gardens sculpted into the mountain, highlighted by the golden-domed shrine which when illuminated in the evening looks even more magnificent. The whole area has undergone renovation in the last decade and amidst the renovated Templer buildings many restaurants and cafes have opened up.

Carmel Forests and Chai-Bar
Just a few minutes away from Ahuza lies the Carmel Forest Nature Reserve, Israel's largest national park. This area is home to different and exceptional types of wildlife. In the area called "Little Switzerland" (named for its thick greenery reminding many of Swiss landscapes) lies the "Hai-Bar Carmel" Nature Reserve where attempts are being made to revive and bring back species that have not lived in this area for a long time. See the National Park Authority website in English.

Haifa Educational Zoo
Haifa has an educational zoo housing a variety of animals and adjacent to the Haifa Botanical Gardens. The zoo is located in the Carmel Center's Gan Ha'em park and is easily accessible by bus or Carmelit.

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