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Special and Gifted Education
The special education framework provides the child with special needs with a physical and educational environment which makes it possible for him/her to spend many hours there, to function normatively and easily and to be challenged in a manner appropriate to his/her needs and potential. The process is geared to optimal, quick assimilation into the general community. 

 For information call Aliza at 04-8356286 or send an e-mail to

For gifted students the municipality sponsors several enrichment programs as well as special classes from grade 4 to 12 with an enhanced curriculum.  There are also afternoon enrichment centers for exceptionally bright and talented youngsters as well as the following special frameworks:

  • Chug Gordon – one-day-a-week enrichment program at the Gordon College of
    Education for gifted children grades 4-6

  •  Education for Excellence program at Haifa University for grades 7-9

  •  The  Etgar computer science program at Haifa University, for grades 10-12
    incorporating a bachelor's degree in Computer Science

  • The Science Excellence Program in Municipal (Ironi) High Schools Aleph, Gimel and Hay, Hugim H.S., Alliance and Qiryat Hayyim H.S.

  •  Pre-"Yuvalim" Enrichment Program for 6th graders at the Ironi Aleph and Hay H.S. 

  • Preparatory courses for the matriculation exams - held at the pre-academic unit at Haifa University

  •  Program for mathematically-gifted youth held at Haifa University's Faculty of
     Mathematics for 8-12th graders.

  • The Youth Science Excellence Program at the Technion for high school students 

  • The Communications/Information program at Alliance High School

  •  The Technion preparatory class at Ironi Hay High School

For information and details on all the above programs contact Hila Gelberg  04-8356317 or send an e-mail to