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Haifa has every mode shopping facility imaginable.  From the Grand Canyon Mall, (Kanyon) one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in the Middle East, to the Talpiot Market (shuk) with its outdoor fruit and vegetable stalls, Haifa offers shopping to everyone's taste and budget.  In this, as in most other matters, everything is available within the boundaries of the city. 

There are eight large shopping malls serving Haifa:  the Haifa Mall, the Castra Art, Recreation and Shopping Center, the Horev Center Mall, the Grand Canyon Mall, the Panorama Center, the City Mall, the Lev Hamifratz Mall and the Hutzot Hamifratz strip mall all within 15 minutes of the Carmel neighborhoods. 

There are many more malls further out to the south and to the east and quite a number of smaller ones as well.  Haifa has retained some traditional shopping streets and areas and they can be found on Hanassi Blvd. in the Central Carmel, on Herzl Street in Hadar, and in the main streets of the lower town.  The area called the Check Point, east of Haifa, abounds with furniture stores and all manner of home construction and repair stores as well as many garages and car lots. 

Supermarkets are plentiful in every area of Haifa as well as mini-markets and neighborhood groceries, which still thrive in many areas.  The Druze Villages south of Haifa are also a popular shopping venue and offer outstanding values in fruits and vegetables, furniture and souvenirs.