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Ramot Nave Sha'anan

Covering 3.82 sq. km., it constitutes 5.9% of Haifa's area. Its 19,520 residents make up 7.3% of the city's population. The Ziv neighborhood, built in the 1930's, is the older part of this district. Ramot Remez was built in the beginning of the 1950's as was the Technion Campus in the south-eastern part of the district. Ramat Alon, Ramat Chen and Ramat Sapir were built and expanded in the last 15 years. A thriving commercial area can be found at the center of Ziv (Merkaz Ziv) with shops, banks, restaurants and coffee shops. In 1999, the Grand Kanyon Mall opened in the north-western part of the neighborhood. This large mall serves the entire metropolis and employs thousands of people.

Ziv-Ramat Alon has 9,750 people living in this neighborhood. Ramat Alon is one of Haifa's youngest neighborhoods built for young families. It connects Ziv with the neighborhoods on the Carmel ridge.

The following facilities and institutions can be found in this neighborhood:
* Alon elementary school
* Yeshivat Yavne - B'nai Akiva boys municipal high school
* Ramot municipal center
* S. Shalom public library
* Athletics stadium
* Nave Sha'anan sport club
* Senior citizens homes (Beit Dina and assisted living housing on Dubnov St. and Ramat Alon)

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is a world-renowned higher education and research center in science, engineering and technology. Student dormitories, convention centers and a sport center can be found besides the faculty buildings, libraries and laboratories. Incubators for high-tech and advanced technology companies are also situated on the campus. In the academic year 2007, there were 12,490 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Technion.

Remez - Ramot Sapir - Ramot Remez was established in the years 1949-1950 as a housing project for senior Histadrut Clalit (union) members. They were joined by professional army employees. Ramat Sapir was established in the 1980's with high-rise buildings of eight stories and upwards. This neighborhood also hosts a small shopping center and public facilities. Ramat Chen, established in the 1990's is composed of terraced houses.

The following facilities and institutions can be found in this neighborhood:
* Habonim elementary school
* Fichman elementary school
* Ramot community center located in Ramot Remez with a branch in Ramat Sapir
* Fliman Geriatric Rehabilitation Center
* Pisgat Chen senior citizens home
* Senior citizens club
* Family Health Clinic (Tipat Halav)