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Superior Education

Haifa has one of Israel's top educational systems. The educational system in Haifa is known for its high standards. Statistics show that Haifa has among the highest percentage in Israel of graduates who qualify for university entrance (95%), the highest percentage of success in matriculation exams among the large cities in Israel (66.9%) and the highest percentage among the large cities of Ministry of Education excellence citations (8.41%).

The city offers a wide range of educational institutions: secular, religious or specialized. There are excellent day care centers (meonot) and kindergartens (ganim) available in all neighborhoods. Special emphasis is placed on education not only in the sciences and technology, but also in social justice and pluralism. The schools, regarded as pillars of community life, encourage parents and pupils to take part in civic activities. 

The Municipality of Haifa provides special help and support for new immigrant pupils.

The following sections will attempt to provide an over-all view of the educational system in Haifa featuring more detailed information for the areas of the city where English-speakers tend to settle.