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High Tech

Haifa's standing as a center of high tech industries stems largely from the MATAM Science-Based Industries Park. It is a beautiful facility and is considered Israel's Silicon Valley.  Many of MATAM's companies do indeed have connections to Silicon Valley.  The presence of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa was one of the driving forces that led to MATAM's establishment, and the Technion has had a leading role in determining the high-tech complexion of the city.  MATAM has over 50 companies on its campus - many of them are world leaders and for some of the U.S.-based companies, Haifa houses the only subsidiary or R&D facility located outside the U.S. 

MATAM Park is the largest and oldest business and science-based industry park in Israel; it employs over 8000 people and has many high tech job openings. The park is situated at the southern entrance to Haifa, near highways 2 and 4, and near central transport such as the Carmel Beach Railway Station and the Egged Central Bus Station.  The world-renowned names that are emblazoned on MATAM's buildings include Philips, Microsoft, Intel, Elbit, Google, Amdocs and Qualcomm.

 Many of the following company websites have job listings in English : INTEL, IBM, ZORAN, PHILIPS, ELBIT.

Other possible places of employment for high tech professionals living in Haifa include RAFAEL – Israel Armaments Development Authority – which provides transportation from Haifa; the adjoining towns of Migdal Haemek and Yokneam, with their burgeoning high tech enterprises, are an easy commute and the international R&D centers of GE, Hewlett-Packard and IBM are located in the Haifa area. The Technion, too, has many employment opportunities for researchers, engineers and technicians