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Government at your Service

The Government Compound (Qiryat Hamemshala), located on Palyam Street on the eastern end of the Lower Town area, (the building that looks like a rocket) contains within it the district offices of many government ministries and services serving the north.  Within its premises are: 
* The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
* The Student Authority
* The Ministry of Interior
* The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor
* The National Insurance Institute
* The Income Tax Authority
* The Israel Land Authority
* The Ministry of Education
* The Ministry of Agriculture
* The Ministry of Justice and others 

Having these bodies in close proximity makes many administrative and bureaucratic tasks easier.  The Israel Government Portal provides on-line forms and payments, information, tips and advice for dealing with government services. 

The Jewish Agency Information Center in Haifa is located on 131 HaMeginim Blvd., in Qiryat Eliezer, tel: 04-8567602/6.  There is also a Hebrew Ulpan on the premises and student dorms.