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Your First Steps

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport, the oleh whose aliya has been coordinated with the Jewish Agency will be met by a representative of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, and instructed on how to proceed. Many services are offered at the airport for the new oleh.

For important information about arrival at Ben Gurion airport see the Ministry of Absorption site. Once the newcomer arrives in Haifa, there are local branches of all the major immigrant absorption agencies to help with the required services. 

 The Haifa Municipal (Iriyat Haifa) Authority for Aliya Absorption deals with learning Hebrew (Ulpan), employment,entrepreneurship, and, where necessary, initial accommodations. They work in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency (Hasochnut Hayehudit) and with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Haklita). See contact information for all these agencies below under "Links for Olim Services".

 Where does one go upon arrival in Haifa?
  Friends or relatives 
 A short-term klita apartment (for 2-4 weeks) sometimes available on susidized  terms through the Haifa project  manager  Smadar Stoller Porat 

An apartment that was rented in advance                                               A hotel for several days, until a rental apartment is found  (hotel and zimmer)

Once in Haifa: First Steps– Who do you go to?
Once the newcomer arrives in Haifa, he/she has to deal with many administrative matters. It is important to note that government ministries are all in the same building in 15A Sderot HaPalyam, in the Lower Town area.

ACTIVITY                                            WHERE 

  • Opening of bank account - Commercial banks

  • Registration with a national health fund -  Post office branches

  • Issue of Identification Certificate (Teudat Zehut) - Ministry of Interior, tel: 8633333

  • Registration of address in Identification Certificate - Ministry of Interior

  •  Initial guidance and counseling, financial assistance, referral to ulpan - Ministry of Immigrant Absorption,tel:8632333

  • Request for child allowance - Institute of National Insurance (Hamossad L' Bituah Leumi), HaPalyam 8,Haifa, tel:8544111

  • School registration - Haifa Municipal Department of Education, 9 Baruch Marcus,Haifa, tel: 8356296

  •  Exchange of driver's license - Ministry of Transportation Licensing Bureau (Misrad Harishuy), 2 Edison Street , Haifa Bay, tel: 8818888 

  • Authorization of academic degrees - Ministry of Education and relevant ministries based on field of study, tel: 8632666

  • Ulpan and Jewish Agency Information Center - 131 Sderot Hameginim, Haifa tel: 8567602

For all telephone numbers - For Haifa dial 04 in Israel. If you are calling from outside Israel dial 972 and 4 instead of 04 in front of the 7 - digit telephone number .

The Jewish Agency Information Center for Olim and Tourists, designed to encourage aliyah and absorption, offers guidance and information services for olim and for tourists interested in learning about aliyah. Tel. 04-8567602. E-mail:

Important addresses:

Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, 15A Sderot HaPalyam, Haifa, tel: 1599-500-922

Jewish Agency Information Center, 131 Sderot Hameginim, Haifa, tel: 8567602/6

Ministry of Education, 15 Sderot Hapalayam, Haifa, tel: 8632666

Municipal Department of Education (school registration), 9 Baruch Marcus, Haifa, tel: 8356298

Ministry of Interior, 15 Sderot HaPalyam, Haifa, tel: 8633333

Institute of National Insurance (Hamosad L'bituach Leumi) 8 Hapalyam, Haifa, tel: 8544111

Ministry of Transportation - Licensing Bureau (Misrad Harishuy), 2 Edison Street , Haifa Bay, tel: 881888

- See additional contact information at the end of Part I under "Links for Olim Services"

Whenever you go to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, or to arrange any other administrative matters, make sure you take your Immigration (teudat oleh) and Identification Certificates (teudat zehut) with you.  

Aliya and Klita

Haifa, your city in Israel !

Haifa, our beautiful city, welcomes new immigrants and has much to offer.  The city has unique attributes: dynamic scientific and economic sectors, an excellent education system, leading academic institutions (Technion, Haifa University and Colleges), high quality of life, a sublime natural environment and pluralistic cultural life.
Make Haifa your city in Israel. We offer you the opportunity to become an active partner in the realization of the Zionist dream, and make our future yours.

Haifa has many advantages for Olim, designed to ensure a successful absorption process:
-  Outstanding housing at attractive prices
-  Extensive employment prospects in a wide range of fields
-  The highest standard of medical care
-  A wide variety of ulpan levels for learning Hebrew
-  Educational assistance and support for children in school
-  Warm and supportive community
-  A wide variety of cultural, social and sport activities in schools and in the community
-  Professional guidance with an "individually tailored" program
-  Haifa gives you special benefits for Olim and Returning Israeli Residents

The Haifa Municipality (Iriyat Haifa), in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency (Hasochnut Hayehudit) and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Haklita), sponsors an enhanced support system that ensures a "quick start aliyah". The initial guidance and counseling starts long before arrival, in order to prepare every step in advance.
We recommend that you participate in a pilot trip, individually tailored for your needs, to explore all your options. Prior arrangements must be made through your local aliyah shaliah (emissary) of the Jewish Agency.  For pilot trip accommodations see zimmer (B&B) and hotels .

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