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Employment Opportunities for All

Haifa is the capital of Northern Israel, with plentiful employment in its extensive institutions, government agencies, companies,  industries and ports. It is one of Israel's leading high tech centers  where the world-famous Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa also provide many and varied opportunities for academics and administrators.  Haifa is home to MATAM,  Israel's largest Research and Development Park and High-Tech Center, which is comprised of leading international companies such as Intel, Microsoft, GE Medical Imaging, Google, Elbit, Yahoo, Qualcomm, Philips Medical, and Amdocs.  All these contribute to the high economic level of the city, to the many job opportunities and to the quality of the educational system.

 Employment And Jobs - Opportunities in Haifa (PDF File)

 For more information about Haifa's economic development and the Haifa Economic Corporation see Haifa Economic Corporation website.

Additional employment possibilities include Rafael (defense industry),  IBM R&D, chemical, engineering and  pharmaceutical companies in the Haifa Bay area, Israel Electric Company and the Israel Oil Refineries. As an expanding tourist center and a prominent leader in Israel's medical establishment, Haifa also offers these areas as possible employment options. For those choosing to commute, there are excellent car, bus and train connections to places of employment in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Netanya, to name a few;  all less than one hour away. For more information about employment in Israel, finding a job, index of professions, degree recognition, resumes, and interview skills, see Ministry of Immigrant Absorption website or Nefesh BNefesh website.

Center for Employment Counseling 

The Employment Guidance Centers for Olim and Returning Residents, Haifa and the North Is a service provided by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, to assist new Olim and Returning Citizens in finding employment suited to their profession, qualifications and skills. Participants receive job-search tools and reinforcement of professional abilities in accordance with the assessment of professional staff. 


The Center provides various employment services, including:

Employment guidance, personal counseling and aptitude testing by occupational psychologists

Re-editing a resume and adapting it to the local market, preparation for interviews with potential employers 

Job-hunting and culture-bridging workshops

Active assistance in job placement and during the stages of integrating into the new workplace

Hebrew terminology and professional refresher courses such as: Advanced Computer skills, Computerized Storage Management, Autocad, Graphic Design, Sales

Get-togethers with other professionals with mutual interests who constitute a support group


Eligibility for the services include:

Olim up to 10 years  in Israel and Returning Citizens within two years of their return, both of working age and interested in employment counseling and placement

Professionals with academic degree, high school diploma or completed at least 12 years of schooling

MATI Haifa Small Business Development Center

"MATI –Haifa Small Business Development Center  is a "one stop shop for entrepreneurs and small business initiatives. It is a non-profit organization, founded by the Haifa Municipality, the Boston Federation, the Ministries of Trade and Industry and of Immigrant Absorption, the Jewish Agency and other partners. MATI is committed to the development of small businesses and the resulting stimulation of employment. It provides vital services for new business ventures, as well as existing ones, including advise, training, financing, business plan assessment, information and networking.

Rambam Medical Center- Research and Science


There are also numerous websites with job listings by geographic area.  The Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel, who pioneered on-line employment searches in Israel, has an excellent site in English where you can download jobs by area and by field or company: AACI Jobnet .  The same site AACI Jobnet exists in Hebrew .  For a website which allows you to search by category, geographical area and type of position see Jerusalem Post's Israel Jobs: (results are in Hebrew).  Another good site is the Homeless site:  (also in Hebrew).  The Nefesh BNefesh site also offers rich resources.  Job offers in Haifa can also be found at the Optimum Human Resources site. For information before aliya, from outside Israel, about employment see the Jewish Agency site.  Another good website :

Other Employment Resources

Just as you would in your country of origin, it is possible to send your resume to large companies which you feel are relevant.  For an extensive list of employment resources and links in Haifa and in the North, arranged by industry see the Haifa Municipal Site. Many large companies post their job listings on their website.

Personnel Companies: Elaine Levitt, an olah from the U.S., established Kedumim Personnel in 1985.  It has several branches in Israel with English-speaking staff, including one in Haifa.  For further details see the Kedumim English website .Other personnel companies have offices in Haifa as well.

Newspaper Ads

There are many other sources for job hunting, most in Hebrew - (it is often possible to ask a neighbor, friend or one of the professionals working with you on your absorption needs to translate for you).  In Haifa, the Kolbo newspaper, a local Hebrew weekly, has an excellent listing of jobs.  It comes out late Thursday night and can be bought at kiosks, grocery stores, gas stations etc.  The national newspapers, including the Jerusalem Post, rarely have Haifa listings. 


Winter Update :  December 6, 2011

The Employment Guidance Center Haifa and the North is happy to inform you of the opening of several enrichment refresher courses for Olim. They will be held twice a week between 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM beginning in January-February 2012 . The courses are all given in Hebrew with English/French/Spanish based terminology. You are invited to register to any of the following courses listed below:

1.       Advanced Computer Applications – 50 hours, scheduled to open mid January 2012.

2.       AutoCAD  – 100 hours, started at September, ends on Dec 2011.

3.       Tourism and Travel Clerk - 100 hours, started 18 Sept. ends on 11 Jan 2012.

4.       Computer skills beginners - 50 hours, scheduled to start on the 10th Jan 2012.

Other courses available:

5.       Administration at Work the computerized office (100 hours)

6.       Computerized Storage Management - (100 h)

7.       Electronic Soldering - (100 hours)

8.       Sales and Customer Service  - (100 hours)

9.       Graphic Design – (100 hours)

10.   Quality Control – (100 hours)    

11.   Solidworks – (100 hours)

The courses are intended for all Olim of employment age, that have been in Israel for up to 10 years and have a profession that does not require licensing. In addition, each course will include a six hour workshop about: “Bridging the Cultural Gap in the  Israeli Workplace”.  

Returning Citizens that have been in Israel for up to 2 years and Olim can register for the next Job-Search workshop scheduled to open on the  December14 , 2011 ending on  December 22, 2011, starting at 8:30 until 13:00.

Olim can register for the coming Job-search workshop scheduled to open inJanuary 2012.

Professional Hebrew Terminology Course for Olim who completed Ulpan Alef  is scheduled to open on the  January 8, 2012 , class hours are 8:30-12:45 PM, 250 hours, for 50 days. Study booklet is provided by the employment center.

All courses and workshops are held at the Employment Guidance Center, 25 Hamoussahim st., Atid building, across from the CINEMALL (Lev-Hamifratz), Haifa.

For further information and registration please call Anat Sachartov, at 04-8723802/3/4 and/or send your CV to e-mail: