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Haifa is essentially an amalgamation of individual neighborhoods, each with its distinct flavor.  It is possible to find olim from English-speaking and western countries in almost every neighborhood in Haifa but there are a number of communities where they are more heavily concentrated. Foremost among them are Ahuza (including Denya) and Nave Sha'anan.  Since these two neighborhoods are also the ones with the largest religious communities, details about them can be found in the section on Religious Communities and Services.

For religious olim, in addition to the above two, Qiryat Shmuel is also an option. The Central Carmel, Carmelia and French Carmel also have a considerable number of Western olim.  In these neighborhoods you are more likely to find other English-speaking children in your children's classes as well as in other community organizations such as community centers and synagogues.  Not entirely by coincidence, these are also the more expensive neighborhoods but, compared to other big cities in Israel, they are still quite reasonably priced. 

These are neighborhoods with a family orientation; quiet, clean and leafy. Yet, along the main street of the Carmel and on some of the larger streets of Nave Sha'anan, there is a lively night scene whose restaurants, bars and clubs accommodate the singles and others who like to party. 

 These communities have local libraries, community centers, synagogues, schools, sports centers and shopping areas located within them and all are within a short distance from one of Haifa's major shopping malls with their multi-cinema complexes and food courts.


Young Adult
Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults (ages 20 and 30).
A planning committee organizes social events twice a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption assistance. You can request membership to the Haifa English Speakers Yahoo Group by going to: .

Aliya and Klita

Haifa, your city in Israel !

Haifa, our beautiful city, welcomes new immigrants and has much to offer.  The city has unique attributes: dynamic scientific and economic sectors, an excellent education system, leading academic institutions (Technion, Haifa University and Colleges), high quality of life, a sublime natural environment and pluralistic cultural life.
Make Haifa your city in Israel. We offer you the opportunity to become an active partner in the realization of the Zionist dream, and make our future yours.

Haifa has many advantages for Olim, designed to ensure a successful absorption process:
-  Outstanding housing at attractive prices
-  Extensive employment prospects in a wide range of fields
-  The highest standard of medical care
-  A wide variety of ulpan levels for learning Hebrew
-  Educational assistance and support for children in school
-  Warm and supportive community
-  A wide variety of cultural, social and sport activities in schools and in the community
-  Professional guidance with an "individually tailored" program
-  Haifa gives you special benefits for Olim and Returning Israeli Residents

The Haifa Municipality (Iriyat Haifa), in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency (Hasochnut Hayehudit) and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (Misrad Haklita), sponsors an enhanced support system that ensures a "quick start aliyah". The initial guidance and counseling starts long before arrival, in order to prepare every step in advance.
We recommend that you participate in a pilot trip, individually tailored for your needs, to explore all your options. Prior arrangements must be made through your local aliyah shaliah (emissary) of the Jewish Agency.  For pilot trip accommodations see zimmer (B&B) and hotels .

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