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Assistance to Olim pupils

From Haifa with love:

Haifa Benefits for the First Year- New Immigrant and Returning-Resident School Children:

 Individual attention to your children aimed at enhancing absorption.

 Full exemption from municipal day-camp fees for your children.

 Full exemption from school service fees  - for olim 100% the first year and 50% the second year.

Individual help with Hebrew for school children.

 A free subscription for two to the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

 Free admission to museums, to Haifa Zoo and the municipal libraries. 

 90% off on pre-school fees in the first year.  

Two weeks Summer ulpan for elementary school children as preparation for the school year.

Summer ulpan for Olim and Toshavim Hozrim

from Western Countries


Dates: August 15-August 26

Days: Sundays – Thursdays

Times: 8:30 – 12:30

Location: Nofim School, 22 Soroka Street, Ramat Begin

 Who is this for? Kids who are going to be in elementary school next year, or entering 7th grade, who arrived in Haifa after January 1, 2009.

 Content – teaching of Hebrew, reading, understanding of basic text, holidays, life in Israel, etc.

 Up to 15 kids in a group. Group divided approximately by age and level

 Taught by experienced ulpan teachers.

Summer camps

 As part of the benefits we extend to you as residents of Haifa who made Aliyah or returned to Haifa we would like to give you the option of a free day camp (Keitana) for your children.

 You are eligible if:

·         You made Aliyah or are returning residents who came directly to Haifa after July 1st, 2009

·         Your children are 4-11 years old (the ages the municipality has camps for)

If your child is gan age (4-6) they can go to Keitana at their or neighboring gan, if your child is 7-11 they will go to Keitana at one of the schools listed below.

 For ages 4-6 year olds:

Date:               July 1 – July 29

Days:              Sunday – Thursday (no Fridays)

Times:                        Drop off from 7:30 AM – 13:30

Locations:      Below is a list of most of the locations in the Carmel, Neve Sha'anan and  Kiryat Haim. Other locations might be available.          

 Ahuza –         Gan Etrog (52 Einstein Street)

                        Gan Nitzane Einstein (94 Einstein Street)

                        Gan Or – Orthodox (5 Horev St.)

                        Gan Anafa (7 Horev St.)

                        Gan Arazim (9 Sinai Blvd.)

                        Gan Yotam (6 Yotam St.)

Vardiya -        Gan Nitzan, Brosh, Shoshan, Vered (17 vardiya St.)

Neve Sha/anan – Gan Zlil (8 Mendale Street)

                        Gan Kanarit (21 Borochov Street)

Kiryat Haim -             Gan Halilach (14 Haplugot Street)

                        Gan Tiltan (1 Bechor Shitrit St.)

Romema (old) – Gan Zalafim, Hakalanit (5 Hazalafim St.)

                        Gan Shita (35 Keren hayesod St.)

Ramat Eshkol – Gan Eshkol (64 Albert Shveitzer)

Ramat Begin – Gan Erez (12 Watson St.)


Each location will have a maximum of 35 kids and needs minimum of 20 kids to run the camp. Therefore, there might be a situation where a specific Kaytana you choose will not open or will have no space and you will be asked to put your child in a close by location. Sign up now!

 Send with your kid – Hat, water, snack (Sandwich + fruit + granola bar, etc.)

 To register:

Fill out the attached form and fax to Attention: Meital at 04-835-6296

Or e-mail Meital at

 This benefit is covered by the Haifa Association of Immigrant Absorption and is worth 1600 NIS

 For Elementary School kids (7-11):

 Date:               July 4 – July 22

Days:              Sunday – Thursday (no Fridays)

Times:                        8:00 – 13:30. (option to add a lunch and to continue until 14:30 at

parents' expense of 120 NIS – details below)

Location:        Ehud School (18 Ehud Street, Ahuza) or Nofim School (22 Soroka

 Street, Ramat Begin)

 Camp includes a visit to the Luna Grand, Swimming pool visits, Balagan Park, Bowling, and more

 To Register:   Fill out the attached form and fax to Attention: Meital at 04-835-6296

Or e-mail Meital at

 Only if interested in the extension (lunch and one additional hour each day for 120 NIS) you need to pay by cash or check at the following locations (a few days after registering with us) -

Fridays – 9 AM – 12 PM Grand kanyon Mall 2nd floor near the glass elevators

Sundays and Tuesdays - 6-8 PM in the loby of the Maccabi swimming pool 19 Bikurim Street

Sundays – Thursdays – 4-7 PM at 39 She'erit Hapleta Street, Denya.

 This benefit is covered by the Haifa Association Of Immigrant Absorption and is worth 1400 NIS