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bobby harris - mr.

i found haifa to be so beautiful i cant imagine anything this beautiful anywhere to compare that to. i am planning to make aliyah to isral in 2009 and i will plan to visit there and see this wondrous city with so many things there its like the city is alive in day and night very beautiful
Karen -

I will be making Aliyah in 2009 also. My husband and I visited Haifa on our Pilot Trip and it is our first choice for living in Israel. It is not only beautiful, but the people are so friendly and supportive.
Tamar - Aliyah to Haifa

I am awaiting approval from The Jewish Agency, but anticipate making Aliyah in June 2009. I did not visit Haifa on my pilot trip but at this point am planning to move to Haifa anyway. Not only is it gorgeous, this website presents a community that seems supportive and welcoming to us newcomers. Tonielle Moriah Reed (TMR) 28 February 2009